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4 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Jun 12, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning, Uncategorized

4 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

As trusted carpet cleaners in Tampa, FL, we have seen our fair share of carpets. The nature of our job means we also see a lot of failed attempts at carpet cleaning. We’ve compiled the top four mistakes we see Tampa homeowners make when it comes to their carpets, so you can know what to avoid! 


Not Vacuuming Consistently

It’s pretty common knowledge that vacuuming is part of maintaining a clean home. But is it really that crucial? What happens when you don’t vacuum often enough?

Vacuuming your floors helps to get rid of dirt and grime that exist in your carpet fibers. If left in your carpets for too long, that dirt can damage your carpet fibers and shorten their lifespan. Another reason vacuuming is important is because your carpets act as air filters for your home. If they get too weighed down with dirt and allergens, your carpets won’t be able to do their job and your indoor air quality may suffer. 

A good rule of thumb for your vacuuming routine is to vacuum your home at least weekly. If you live with pets, young children, and constant shoe traffic, then there’s a good chance you’ll need to vacuum more frequently to keep your carpets looking their best.

Not Giving High-Traffic Areas Adequate Protection

We all develop habits in our homes, including the paths that we walk each day. If you really think about it, there are areas of your flooring that receive much more traffic than others, like hallways, entryways, and in front of upholstery. These places require special attention to help them withstand the extra traffic they receive every day. An easy way to do this is to add a rug to the space, making sure to rotate it regularly so it wears evenly. 

If you prefer not to use a rug, then be sure to vacuum these places often. Another great option is to use our carpet protectant, which adds a protective layer to your carpet to help fight against stains and any damage that may occur from heavy use. 

Scrubbing At Spots And Stains

It’s a common instinct to want to grab a rag and start scrubbing as soon as something spills on your carpet. What most people don’t know is that attacking a stain that way will typically just spread the stain around, causing it to sink deeper into the carpet fibers. The best course of action is to gently dab at stains to remove any liquid or residue. It’s important to use a white rag, since colored and patterned towels can sometimes transfer dye to carpets, exacerbating the issue.

If gently blotting the stain doesn’t help, then your best bet is to call professional carpet cleaners in Tampa, like RJB Chem-Dry. DIY stain removal methods go wrong far too often, so just leave it to the professionals and we’ll take care of your stain removal in no time. 

Skipping Professional Cleanings

Some homeowners think that if they vacuum regularly and stay on top of stain removal then that’s all the care their carpet needs. On the contrary, vacuuming only touches the surface, so dirt and dust will naturally build up over time which will create a dull appearance for your carpets. The only way to get the gunk out for good is to use a professional carpet cleaning service. Even if your carpets don’t appear dirty, you’ll be pleasantly pleased to see how beautiful and fresh they’ll feel after a solid cleaning. 


Did any of those four common mistakes sound familiar to you? Don’t worry, RJB Chem-Dry has you covered! Our trusted carpet cleaning in Tampa can help prevent any further damage and increase the lifespan of your carpets. Give us a call today at (813) 535-4515 to get started with your free price estimate!

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